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TwentySeventeen WordPress theme. WTF am I looking at??!

Im a big WordPress fan. I use it for everything, recommend it to everyone and I make my living from it. I’ve got a list of cool things I’d like to see WordPress implement / fix but that’s another post.

Today however; I am going to take a swipe at WordPress’ new default theme TwentySeventeen. It’s horrid. I have absolutely no idea how WordPress (a power house) haven’t managed to produce a decent default theme since TwentyEleven.

Whilst I personally support artistic expression – all art is beautiful, this particular theme was designed by an individual that works at WordPress. Im not sure if there were too many requests from the community and the end result is the best she could have done design wise based on these requests or if this is her artistic direction, but it’s almost as though TwentySeventeen is lagging by three years in design. Read More