Just go and do it
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Monday Motivator: A hard pill to swallow. No one gives a sh*t. Get on with it.

The title may put you off- another grumpy Monday…? Nope. This is actually a motivational post with a harsh attention grabbing headline.

On with it already. I’ve had a great 2016 with massive changes in my personal life. I spent the better half of my late twenties feeling like I somehow lost it in the usual: kids, bills, marriage and the like.

It only really hit me after a business trip where I met lots of young folk around my age whom are in the startup scene. They were rocking it, in the thick of things and here I was paying bills thinking I could be doing this too!

Now coming into the early thirties I started realizing now it’s my time to nail it and is exactly what I am going to do. Read More